The story so far .....


Hi, Sarah here (*waves). I have been sewing for as long as I can remember. Aged aound 6 or 7, an auntie showed me how to hand sew a quilt block and I was hooked from then on! I spent hours making dresses for my dolls on an old hand crank sewing machine. As dolls became a faded memory as high school and boys came into play, sewing still remained my constant hobby. Embroidery work, sewing, knitting and crochet have been a part of my life since those early days. They have allowed me to channel my creativity in a variety of ways. 

I've been sewing professionally now for over 28 years. I feel old just typing that! My first trade experience was in a four-year apprenticeship with a fabulous interior designer who also designed and made dresses for the Royal Ballet. Needless to say I gained a wide range of skills that I still use today and am extremely grateful for the experience it gave me.

I always concentrate on quality, not quantity, with a meticulous eye for detail. Over the years I have spent a lot of time making various items from clothes and bedding from factory environments to running my own business creating bespoke wedding dresses and ball gowns. 

When my eldest daughter was born in 2006, I ventured into children's goods making cosytoes and pram accessories. They were extremely popular and I always had a long list of orders to work on. However, as my daughter grew and our second daughter arrived at Taylor Towers in 2010, babywearing became more my thing.
I started making babywearing bags and accessories and converting wraps into ring slings etc. This has proven even more popular and has kept me out of mischief for over 7 years now. 

I'm often asked by many non-babywearers to create a special keepsake piece, something with sentimental value and I honestly love these jobs too. Please don't be afraid to ask for things not shown on the website as the possibilities are endless and that's really rather exciting.


I love the fact that my creations make people happy, that makes me smile. I get such a thrill from creating something unique that can be treasured forever! So, let your imagination run wild and challenge me to make them a reality. I love to experiment with ideas, making something special and unique! 

My girls are growing up fast and I'm no longer carrying them, but I still love wraps / babywearing and seeing all the new designs coming into the market is just lovely. We have, over recent years, seen some inspiring new wrap brands too. 

Both my girls are at school now and I feel I'm in a position to develop a few ideas that I've had in mind now for some time, so with over 300 babywearing bags firmly under my belt and countless wrap conversions achieved, I'm ready to add new items to my range. I have so many ideas that 'd love to share so I hope you'll join me!